Have you heard about Dozen Rose?

Do you know the wedding ceremony “Bouquet · boutonniere” that has long been passed to Europe?

“The ceremony of Bouquet · boutonniere comes from a legend that is transmitted from medieval Europe. A man decided to propose to his lover. Determine to proposal, a man gather flowers and makes it a bouquet.

And she pulled out one of its bouquets, put it into lapel of a man and answered. “Thank you. Let’s be happiness.” The bride pulled a flower out of the bouquet as a proof of OK and insert it in the pocket of the groom as “boutonniere” .

New proposal for wedding ceremony! Let me introduce about the Dozen Rose.

“Dozen Rose” is about 12 roses (1 dozen). To 12 roses, appreciation, honesty, happiness, trust, hope, affection, passion, truth, respect, glory, effort, eternity There is meaning,

The groom receives 12 roses from each guest ,Summarized making a bouquet,
“Will you marry me” to the bride from groom,and the bride answers “yes” ,pick the rose inserted into the lapel of groom.

All of the wish put in this’s really tugs at the heartstrings.