Book and Bed Tokyo – Now in Kyoto!

If you are a bookworm looking for a place to stay in Kyoto, look no further than Book and Bed Tokyo, which has opened a branch in Gion, Kyoto in 2nd December. As the name aptly suggests, the establishment is an affordable hostel that allows travellers to immerse themselves in rich literary and cultural haven.


With over 5000 titles available for your perusal, you’ll be spoilt for choice over which book to read before bedtime, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than having a bed to lie on after a good read. Book and Bed Tokyo makes you feel so at home that you can simply unwind and catch a shuteye after a whole day of sightseeing.


In the Bookshelves section, beds are smartly and strategically placed in between bookshelves, allowing you to literally sleep in a sea of books. If you prefer a more scenic spot to sleep, the River View section allows you to look out over Kyoto’s signature Kamo River.


Aside from books and beds, the hostel also serves up locally brewed beer, so that you can connect with other fellow bookworms over a drink or two!