New Colorful Kimonos

Tagaya started as a dry-goods store before becoming a bridal company
and here we have not only the western clothes but also beautiful kimonos
Today I’d like to show you a few new Japanese style kimonos that we added to our collection.
Tenga Hana Kuruma Mon
This Japanese kimono looks very antique thanks to the fabrics its made of
and to the way the threads are sewn into it making it look very calm and relaxed.
The fabric is solid yet gorgeous.
Jufuku Takarazukushi Mon
It takes 5 professionals 6 month to embroider this kimono.
This piece is filled with lucky omens that invite fortune and prosperity and is perfect for a marriage ceremony. You could wear it during the wedding reception to change the atmosphere. It’s also very popular for location shooting around Kyoto.
How about using it during the changing leaves season or
during the upcoming cherry blossoms?
I’m looking forward to seeing you!