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Wedding Customs – Lighting of Candles

Candles are symbolic in most Western weddings. There are four parts to lighting candles during the ceremony, and two types of candles to light – candles for family and candles for marriage. The ones for marriage are only lighted after the newlyweds exchanged their vows and are declared husband and wife.


The first part – lighting the candles for family – represents the groom, bride, and both of their families.


The second part – lighting the candles for marriage – represents the couple’s union and their life together as one after the wedding.


The third part involves families and guests on both sides to light the candles, symbolising the couple’s life from there onwards.


For the fourth and final part, the couple has to the light the candle in the middle, symbolising that their lives have come together as one.


Who would have thought that every single step of the process carries such great significance? We hope you’ve learned something new about weddings today!

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