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Little Luck

It is my greatest fortune to met you in this life.
In addition to dress, decoration, dessert on wedding.
Have you ever attention to the most indispensable background music?
Let us find some background musics together!

Does anyone knows a new blind show calls “Chinese-style blind date” recently ?
Never mind the detail things, there are two songs I love so much.
One is Jay’s “confession balloon”, the other one is Han Anxu’s “more lucky”.
Tian Fu Zhen’s “little luck” is also an amazing song for me! Hope all of you can love it!

In the wedding, nowadays more and more young people will be based on their own preferences to choose the wedding background music.
Like “Sweet Dream”, “Beautiful Love”, “The Moon On Behalf Of My Heart”, “Little Love Song” and so on are very popular background music in wedding.
Of course, different age’s will choose the most suitable music for themselves.

But some people in order to publicity personality, thinking about how to highlight the detail to show their wedding is how special.
In fact, there is no one who will remember the final background music, even the way of the bride wedding!
So do not let the background music overwhelming is a background music should be like.

Well, finally let’s enjoy the “Beautiful In White”!
Hope that everyone can in their favorite background music accompanied by holding the spouse’s hand into the happy life! ~