French cuisine


Tagaya Bridal’s Brand New Reception Menu for Fall 2016

We are pleased to announce that our menu for fall this year is ready! Feast your eyes on our chef’s salivating masterpieces!
French cuisine
Chef’s Specialty Hors D’oeuvres
Grilled mussels with coriander
Smoked Kyoto chicken
Prawn cocktail
Fresh fish nuggets with mousseline
1 entrée
Foie Gras with Almond Croustillant
with horse radish compote and Kujo green onions on the side
2 entrée
Seasonal Vegetable Potage Soup
Seasonal Fish with Japanese Rice and Clam Risotto
5 poisson
Light Roasted Pork Breast
sweet-and-sour sherry vinegar flavoured
6 viande
Kyoto-style Matcha Dessert
7 dessert
Coffee or Tea
8 coffee&Tea
If you would like to treat your guests to an exquisite French course meal after your gorgeous wedding, Tagaya Bridal has got you covered! Inquire with us for more details.