アザレア横レイアウト全景 (色調整済)


Reception Floral Decoration

We get a lot of inquiries regarding our reception and party packages, so we decided to showcase a few of our reception floral decorations here! Be it a small party for a few guests, or a full-on reception with a French course menu, we have a dedicated team of florists to pretty up the party space for your needs! Feel free to discuss with our staff if you would like to have your reception custom-decorated to your taste!
Full Reception image
★Full Reception (10〜)coordinate ※add 30,000 JPY  (5)
★Full Reception (20〜) coordinate ※plan
★Full Reception (20〜) coordinate ※add 50,000JPY
★Full Reception (10〜)coordinate ※plan
★Full Reception (10〜)coordinate ※plan  (1)