Additional Options

We have additional options you can choose from to make your wedding more unique and memorable.

Photo Album and Movie Clip

ヘアメイク ヘッドドレス ヘッドドレス

Photo Album

Our professional photographers will help you take picture perfect shots on your wedding day. Be it your wedding ceremony or pre-wedding photo shoot, they are able to capture all your important moments as well as your emotions beautifully. All your precious memories can be stored in our church’s very own elegant leather photo album.


A high quality one-of-a-kind album, with a photo of your choice on the cover.

・40 pages (about 50 shots) 120,000JPY
・20 pages (about 30 shots) 112,000JPY
・Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm


An album with cover made of elegant high-grade leather.

・40 pages (about 50 shots) 90,000JPY
・20 pages (about 30 shots) 82,000JPY
・Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm


An album with a simple and sleek design, with a leather cover smooth to the touch.

・40 pages (about 50 shots) 60,000JPY
・20 pages (about 30 shots) 52,000JPY
・Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm


A simple and durable photo album.

・30 pages (about 40 shots) 30,000JPY
・Dimensions: 22cm x 22cm


Handcrafted with care, from start to finish

Because we understand that your photo album is your collection full of treasured memories, our dedicated staffs make each and every album with great care. From photo editing, layout design, printing and putting all the pages together, every step of the album production is meticulously carried out.

  • こころ写真1
  • こころ写真2
  • こころ写真3
  • こころ写真4
  • こころ写真5

Express Finish

・Completion in 24 Hours Delivery within 2 days to your hotel. 2Alternatively, if your schedule allows it, you can pick it up directly from us after your album is done.50,000JPY

・Express Finish And Delivery By EMSDelivery by EMS(Express Mail Services)takes about a week to deliver to your home address.54,000JPY

Movie Clip

Wedding Ceremony Movie Clip(about 5 minutes)

A short clip pieced together with the best scenes filmed from pre-ceremony preparation to photo time after the ceremony.
・80,000 JPY 

Outdoor Location Photo Shoot Movie Clip(about 5 minutes)

A movie clip that shows the process of your pre-wedding photo shoot. Our dynamic shooting style will make your clip look like a shot from a movie, making for a memorable keepsake.
・Church movie clip 30,000 JPY 
・1Outdoor Location 50,000 JPY 

Ceremony And Reception Movie Clip

A video recording of not just your ceremony but your fun and enjoyable reception as well. Recommended for couples who do not want to miss a thing about their big day!
・Short movie clip(about 10 minutes) 180,000 JPY 
・Full-length movie clip(about 1 hour) 180,000 JPY

Additional Movie Clip Options

Insert personal messages into the movie clip. Please let us know what messages you would like to insert on the day of the video shoot.
Movie clip with a message Format: DVD 20,000JPY

※Prices shown are not inclusive of tax. Tax rates will be applied using rates on the scheduled date.

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