Church Wedding

Wedding Packages

Have a lovely and romantic wedding in one of Japan’s very few stained glass churches! Everything that you need for the wedding is included in this package.

You can also add on extra options such as wedding photography, videography, flowers, props and etc.

Kyoto St. Andrew’s Church Wedding Package

Church Wedding

St. Andrew’s Church (Kyoto)
St. Bath Church (Osaka)
St. Morgan Church (Kobe)

380,000 JPY

Kyoto St. Andrew's Church Wedding Package

Live Musical Prelude And Ceremony
● Pastor
● A pipe organist
● A violinist
● 2 choir singers
● St. Andrew Church’s marriage certificate
● Ceremony program itinerary
● Pre-ceremony counseling by the pastor
● Ring pillow (for rent)

Wedding outfits/accessories
● Wedding dress
● Tuxedo
● Bridal accessories (tiara, veil, gloves, earrings, necklace, shoes)
 *Extra charges may apply to some dresses.

● Styling for the bride and groom
● Hairstyling
● Makeup
● Bride’s personal assistant

● 150 pictures
● Finalized data in CD Format

●Fresh flower bouquet

Waiting/preparation rooms
● Preparation room for the bride and groom
● Waiting lounge for family members and guests
(Includes welcome drinks)
● Changing room for guests
(Separate changing rooms for men and women)

● Interpreter and personal assistant

*Prices shown do not include tax. Consumption tax will be applied with the rates at the time of the wedding.
*Photos are for illustration purposes only.