TAGAYA BRIDAL (Overseas Wedding in JAPAN), founded 44 years ago as a bridal dress store in Kyoto,
is now a bridal general enterprise that produces wedding services such as chapel management,
dress & kimono salons, photography and videography, hairstyling & makeup and honeymoon plans- all by our dedicated in-house staff.

We have independent chapels with 18th century brilliant stained glass windows and
dress/kimono salons in the center of town not only for weddings, but also for your perfect honeymoon.
Kyoto- chosen as the most popular city to visit in the world
Osaka- you can enjoy excellent food and prices are unbeatable
Kobe- Colonial-era European buildings go hand in hand with the city’s refined sense of fashion and style

We produce weddings & photography in the Kansai area including Shinto weddings at shrines in Kyoto registered as World Heritage Sites,
and are equipped to accommodate any detailed requests.

There are native and fluent English and Chinese speaking staff on the TAGAYA BRIDAL team
that provide consultation service by emails and support on the wedding day, allowing worry-free, memorable trips to Japan.
With Japanese heartfelt hospitality and TAGAYA BRIDAL’s top-class service,
we offer wedding services that leave a lasting impression and build memories of a lifetime.

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