The Order Of Events On The Wedding Day


1Arriving at the church

For brides and grooms, please come to the church up to 2.5 hours before the ceremony.

Our representative, along with the photographer and the beauty team, will greet and receive you upon your arrival. We will help keep your wedding bands and then guide you to the VIP room, where you will be getting ready. Feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with our beauty experts while you get ready!

2Receiving the wedding guests

Your families and guests will arrive at the church up to 1 hour before the ceremony.

We have a waiting lounge for guests and welcome drinks will be served while they wait for the ceremony to start.

※Changing rooms for guests are also available. (If any family member or guest would also like to have their hair done by our professionals, please make your reservation up to 1 week before the wedding.)

Final rehearsal before the ceremony

There will be a wedding processional rehearsal in the ceremony hall itself 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. Our professionals will guide your family members through the process step-by-step, so there is no need to worry!

3Escorting guests to the ceremony hall

We will usher the guests into the ceremony hall 15 minutes before the ceremony.

A violinist and pipe organist will play live music to serenade them until the ceremony starts.

4Ready for action

Before heading to the ceremony hall, the photographer, videographer, and Master of Ceremony will greet you at the VIP room, and provide a short pre-ceremony briefing to help you relax.


The bride and groom will be escorted to the ceremony hall on the 2nd floor, and stand-by for entrance.

※Family members who are part of the processional will also stand-by outside the ceremony hall.

6The Ceremony(about 20 minutes)

The pastor, who is the Master of Ceremony, will lead the ceremony in English.

Ceremony program
  • ・Master of Ceremony and choir singers’ entrance
  • ・Groom’s entrance, followed by the bride (Ave Maria will be performed during this phase)
  • ・Amazing Grace (sung by all) 
  • ・Prayer
  • ・Pastor’s opening remarks and charge to the couple
  • ・Exchange of vows
  • ・Exchange of rings
  • ・Signing on the marriage certificate
  • ・Pronouncement of marriage
  • ・Closing remarks and blessings from the pastor
  • ・Recessional (Climb every mountain will be performed during this phase)

※ Up to one day before the wedding, there will be a final meeting with our representative regarding the actual day schedule and rehearsals. During the ceremony itself, our stylists will also be close by to assist you in every step of the way.

7Photo shoot(about 40 minutes)

After the ceremony, you will have a photo shoot session with your families and guests around the church. Our photographer will be around, but also feel free to shoot with your own devices!

If you would like your photos taken in a certain style, please let us know during the final meeting before the wedding.

8End of ceremony and changing out

After the ceremony, the bride and groom will proceed back to the VIP room to change out of their outfits (for the bride, our stylists will help rearrange your hair to regular day-to-day hairstyle). If you have purchased additional services (reception, outdoor location photo shoot etc), we will proceed to the next program.

Please also feel free to inquire about sightseeing and dining reservations! We have all the tourism information at our fingertips, and we want to make your holiday in Japan as fulfilling and enjoyable as it can be.

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After The Wedding

1Delivering your photo data

We will deliver your photographs in CD data form and/or in photo albums via EMS to your address. Please check that your address is correct during the final meeting before the wedding.

Your CD will be sent to you 1 month after the ceremony (no postage), and your album will be delivered about 2 months after the wedding (free postage).

Speed delivery is also available as an additional option, if you would like your photos delivered to you faster. Please inform us of your decision during the final meeting before the wedding.

○CD Express Delivery ¥50,000(no postage)
   ・The CD will be delivered to your place of accommodation in Japan 24 hours after the wedding.


○Photo Album Express Delivery ¥54,000(postage included)
  ・Your album will be delivered to your address 1 week after the wedding via EMS.

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