The Kitchen of Kyoto – Nishiki Market

When people talk about Kyoto, they usually think of autumn leaves, shrines and temples, but there is more to Kyoto than its amazing scenery and traditional culture. See another side of Kyoto by immersing yourself in Kyoto’s local Nishiki Market!


Nishiki market has a long and rich history in Kyoto, and its first store – a fish grocery – opened in as far back as AD 1311. The place became a bustling fish market by the Edo period, but then stores of other variety also started popping up, offering fresh seasonal local produce and such. Now Nishiki market has become a diverse bazaar, with over 130 stores selling everything from Kyoto’s fresh local produce to seafood, meat, fried food, munchies and traditional Japanese items for souvenirs, so you can eat and shop at the same time. Being able to observe the locals carrying out their daily activities also adds another interesting layer to this marketplace experience.


There’s too many tasty food here!



You can’t leave Kyoto without trying its pickles, and here in Nishiko market a wide variety of pickles are being offered, each with its own distinctive flavor and are available for sampling if you are torn between choices. You can also buy sauces and spices to bring back and recreate your favorite Japanese dish at home!



Should you get tired after walking around the market, Tagaya Bridal is just 15 minutes away (in the direction of Sanjō), so come in and unwind in our salon!

Nishiki market

Address: Nishikikōji-dōri, Nakagyō district, Kyoto city

How to get there: Take city bus No. 5, get off at Shijō Takakura (in front of Daimaru) and walk for 2 minutes to arrive at the market.

OR Take the subway on Karasuma Line, get off at Shijō station and walk for 3 minutes to arrive at the market.

OR Take the subway on Tōzai Line, get off at Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae station and walk for 10 minutes to arrive at the market.

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