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Kyoto St. Andrew’s Church

Walking down the aisle is the dream of every bride, and every step towards the altar is made more special by beautiful stained glasses that grace the walls of the chapel. The antique chapel, which originated from Europe and reconstructed in Kyoto, is one of the few spots in Japan that are renowned for their elegant space. The stained glasses – which are of high artistic value – are definitely worth a visit to the church.

Banquet Hall

Limited to two slots per day, our banquet hall with elegant wooden interiors provides the ultimate luxurious space for you and your guests to enjoy your special day. You may choose to have a grand reception with many guests or spend this time with only your family members. The reception’s décor can also be arranged to be as minimalistic or as magnificent as you want it to be. Enjoy this splendid moment with your loved ones!

Cuisines and Pastries

We serve the finest delicacies that will fill all the guests’ hearts with joy, befitting the occasion. Our menu consists of the freshest ingredients, and every dish is prepared with great care and consideration. You may choose to hold a formal reception with a full course of French cuisine, or a cocktail reception with a more relaxed atmosphere.

History of KYOTO St. Andrews Church

The story behind the 300-year-old English stained glass

Sheffield, a city in the northern part of England, was well known for being a city of blacksmiths and silver and bronze-plating since the Industrial Revolution. Also around the time of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, St. Andrew’s Church was built in the city center for worship. However, following the decline of manufacturing industries and populations, St. Andrew’s Church eventually met its fateful end and was demolished. Within the church, there was about 10 frames of stained glass windows that depict the story in the bible – from the birth of Christ to the Last Supper.

At present, the traditional craft of stained glass-making is being endangered. As technology advances, hand-blown glass production becomes rare.

Thus, members of St. Andrew’s Church wanted to preserve the beautiful hand-made stained glasses. Right now, those very same stained glasses are being kept and displayed at Kyoto, 9000km away from their origins.

And the stained glasses continue to watch over marrying couples in Kyoto’s St. Andrew’s Church today.

Kyoto St. Andrew’s Church

The church is designed in accordance to authentic Western architectural style, complete with a chapel with beautiful stained glass. Preparation rooms exclusively for the bride and groom are available. We have everything you need to enjoy your photo shoot experience in Japan!

321 Ebiya Sanjo Gokomachi-dori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto Prefecture

Chapel in Kansai Area

Osaka St. Bath Church

Osaka St. Bath Church

Osaka St. Bath Church is located within the center of Shinsaibashi, Osaka, where tourists flock to for its offer of great shopping and dining experience. With dazzling stained glasses and vintage furnishings from the iconic English city Bath, St. Bath’s stylish interior has won over the hearts of many young couples.

Kobe St. Morgan Church

Kobe St. Morgan Church

Towering over the courtly city of Motomachi, Kobe, is the lofty Kobe St. Morgan Church. The church attracts countless of visitors every year who are captivated by the magnificent stained glasses. Relish in the elegance of the French-made interior.

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