Love Comes in Many Forms – Same Sex Wedding in Shunkōin Temple

In 2013, the largest gay pride parade was held in São Paulo, Brazil, and this year marks Brazil as the 15th country in the world to legalize gay marriage. As of 2016, a total of 21 countries have legalized same sex marriage: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Luxemburg, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Canada, United States, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Even though same sex marriage has yet to be legalized here in Japan, there is one – and only one – temple in Kyoto that holds wedding ceremonies for gay couples, and that is Shunkōin Temple. Although the ceremony is mainly surface deep (as with most wedding ceremonies in Japan) and an official marriage certificate is not issued, its significance is not to be undermined as it does represent a shift in attitude towards gay couples in traditional institutions, slowly but surely.


Regardless of your nationality, place of origin, faith, gender or sexual orientation, Shunkōin – with a rich history of 420 years – opens its doors to any couple looking to hold their ceremony in their halls. Couples are also free to wear any style of outfit they want, be it Western or Japanese.


At Tagaya Bridal, we believe that love can come in any form. As proud supporters of marriage equality, we are more than happy to assist couples of every kind with coordinating their wedding ceremonies at Shunkōin. Feel free to inquire with us to discuss the details!