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The World Heritage Site Nijo-Jo wedding

Nijo-Jo castle was completed in 1603 on the orders of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who is the first Shogun ofTokugawa.
It is the important world heritage site and proud of Kyoto. Unique and elegant wedding ceremony can be realized in Nijo-Jo castle.

Nijo-Jo Ceremony three fascinations

  • 1.Wedding group number is limited and host a ceremony in a space with historical and traditional. It is not public area for people of Seiryu-en Garden and Koun-tei. Only for first 45 wedding groups registered in 2018.(Limited 60 wedding groups in 2019) Attracting worldwide attention and unique wedding ceremony in here.
  • 2.Great performance of Japanese traditional culture – Kyoto Japanese style of a nonreligious and tea marriage wedding ceremony. A nonreligious wedding is under the vow of Brides and grooms and the entanglement of two families in Nijo-Jo. Besides, Tea marriage wedding ceremony is the important traditional culture in Kyoto.「Harmony. respect. purity and tranquility」 the four most important elements of the tea ceremony.
  • 3.Present the charm of brides in the Japanese and western style garden Not only hosting a ceremony but we can realize the photo shoot for you. (Only for 20 weekdays) Clear four season garden and wedding of Jinrikisha and Photo of family. There are Shiromuku and twelve-layered ceremonial kimono from Heian period. You can keep unique memorial photos.
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