Church Wedding and Outdoor Photo Shoot

Church Wedding + Photo Shoot Package

Great for couples who want a church wedding and also to shoot with scenic backdrops!

*All prices include tax at the rate of the time of writing

Kyoto St. Andrew’s Church Wedding Package

Church Wedding &
Outdoor Photo Shoot

St. Andrew’s Church (Kyoto), St. Bath Church (Osaka), St. Morgan Church (Kobe)

520,000 JPY (tax inclusive)

Kyoto St. Andrew's Church Wedding Package

Live Musical Prelude And Ceremony
● Musical Prelude (Members present at ceremony: Pastor, 2 church singers, 1 pipe organ player, and 1 violinist)
● 50 candles
● Ceremony program itinerary
● Ring Pillow
● Recessional Toss (with flower petals) – for 10 guests
● Wedding Certificate (not a legal document)
● Pre-ceremony counselling by the pastor

● Bride’s dress and accessories (veil, tiara, necklace, gloves, shoes etc)
● Groom’s tuxedo and accessories (white shirt and shoes included)
● Size alteration and costume maintenance
● Fresh flower bouquet/boutonniere

● Styling for the bride and groom
● Hairstyling
● Makeup
● Bride’s personal assistant

● Photo Shoot in church (Kyoto/Osaka/Kobe)
● Photo Shoot in 1 outdoor photo shoot location (inclusive of transportation fees)
● About 250 shots (all shots will be edited and saved in CD, which will be the clients’ final product)
● Family portraits (comes in 3 mount sets)

VIP rooms (for the couple and their guests respectively)
● Include welcome drinks
● Changing rooms (for guests)

● Interpreter and personal assistant

*Prices shown include consumption tax, at the rate of 8% in 2016. Prices are subjected to change if the tax rate rises in the future.
*Photos are for illustration purposes only.