Bridesmaids in Japanese Wedding Culture

While in Western culture bridesmaids and groomsmen are an integral part of any wedding, in Japan it is actually quite rare to see newlyweds in the company of anyone else other than each other and their familes in weddings. So it is quite refreshing to see this Japanese bride walk down the aisle with her lovely bridesmaids!

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The bride and groom are, without a doubt, the stars of their wedding, and families and guests gather during this special occasion to celebrate their union. However, let’s not forget that bridesmaids and groomsmen also play important supporting roles which make the couple’s wedding possible. While most newlywed couples in Japan may still not grasp the significance of having these companions as part of their big day, with more and more Japanese people having lived abroad or exposed more to Western culture, perhaps Japan will pick up on this part of Western culture in the near future!

Whether you are preparing for your special day or sharing in the joy of newlyweds during a wedding, good things are bound to happen when you are a part of blissful wedding!