H先生 & M先生婚紗攝影


Mr. H and Ms. M (16th November 2014)

Mr. H and Ms. M’s pre-wedding photo series. The couple’s vibrant personalities gave the photos their own distinct flavour!


H先生 & M先生婚紗攝影H先生 & M先生婚紗攝影

The couple’s cheerful laughs during the photo shoot resonated throughout the church hall, and the happiness they were experiencing were highly contagious. We couldn’t help but share their immense joy!


H先生 & M先生婚紗攝影

The blurry heart-shaped hands help keep the couple’s blissful smiling faces in focus. Interesting perspective and quirky shot!


H先生 & M先生婚紗攝影

We wish them an everlasting marital bliss!

Photos taken at Kobe’s St. Morgan Church