Tearful Church Wedding @ St. Andrew’s Church, Kyoto

19th September to 23rd September was one of Japan’s longest public holidays, also known as Silver Week. This is also the period where many wedding venues get busy, and our church was no exception! Our professional videographer documented this couple’s Silver Week wedding beautifully:

Although our videographer started shooting after the newlyweds were already dressed up in this clip, we can also get the film rolling when the bride starts dolling up!

One of the highlights of our church ceremonies is the ‘veil down’ – where the bride’s mother lets down her little girl’s veil before she walks down the aisle with dad. It’s mom’s way of participating in the ceremony and giving her precious daughter away.

Another must-see scene is when the bride’s father gives the bride to the groom at the end of aisle. It’s a classic scene in every Western- style ceremony, but it has somehow become a Japanese custom for the bride’s father to literally hand his daughter to the groom by placing the bride’s hand on the groom’s. Dad usually tears up after walking away reluctantly at this point!

But the item that truly steals the limelight – apart from the newlyweds themselves, of course – is the newlywed’s custom ring pillows. The cushion for the rings is placed inside a glass slipper, on top of Cinderella’s fairytale book! Looking at the bride’s gorgeous ballgown dress and blissful visage, it is clear that this wedding is indeed a fairytale come true for her!

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