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Brown and Cony Approved Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Now that it’s autumn in Japan, the cool weather means that it’s the perfect season for shooting outdoors! This lovely Taiwanese couple chose the beautiful Kyoto Gosho (Imperial Palace) as their pre-wedding backdrop, and we have to say that the mix of reds, yellows, greens and blues blends together harmoniously to create these gorgeous shots. The glowing bride is simply too stunning for words!

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The two gorgeous people were in a long distance relationship, and used the free messaging app Line to keep the spark between them alive. As Line is an integral part of their relationship, the adorable pair decided to appoint Line’s mascot characters Brown and Cony to ‘officiate’ their wedding! You HAVE to see these cute photos!

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For the last shots, the couple decided to knock things back a little and put on some denim. This look suits them perfectly; it’s simple a match made in heaven!

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Hailing from Taiwan, the couple was not used to Kyoto’s chilly winds, but they still braved it all for these beautiful shots! We wish this couple an enjoyable time in Kyoto, and also an everlasting and blissful marriage ahead!