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Lovely Flower Decorations Adorn A Planner’s Wedding

A wedding planner’s job typically involves helping clients achieve their dream wedding. But when it is the wedding planner herself that becomes the bride, her wedding makes for an interesting twist!

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Our wedding planner exchanged vows with her husband in St. Andrew’s Church, Kyoto, and kept guests busily entertained in the reception right after. Playing not just the usual wedding video slides to let guests into their love story, fellow colleagues at St. Andrew’s Church also made a humorous appearance that made everyone laugh non-stop!

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The planner bride chose a blush dress for her 2nd dress appearance, emitting a sweet and romantic charm. She certainly planned her wedding exceptionally well as the blush dress also goes very well with her pink and yellow floral decorations! As expected of a wedding professional!

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As fellow colleagues, we felt immense joy for her for having found her one and only in a sea of millions. We felt so honored to have been part of her celebration, and wish her and her husband an everlasting and blissful marriage!