Vincent & Amanda’s Late Summer Photo Shoot

Our dress consultant and professional kimono dresser Ms. Yukari shared with us photos of her lovely clients Vincent and Amanda, who have just wrapped up their pre-wedding photo shoot yesterday. The weather was co-operative and their photos turned out absolutely stunning!

The amazing couple hails all the way from Australia, drawn to Kyoto’s beautiful nature. Maruyama Park, one of Kyoto’s oldest parks, was chosen to be their backdrop.


The scenery of Maruyama Park changes with the seasons, offering a different gorgeous view at different times of the year. While the leaves are still mostly green at this time, they are slowly turning red bit by bit and the transition itself is beautiful as well.


But Maruyama Park is not the only part of Kyoto Vincent and Amanda chose to shoot. They decided to take a Western approach and took their photos in St. Andrew’s Church as well!


A message from Ms. Yukari:

“Dear Vincent and Amanda, we are really happy to be able to help with your photo shoot in Kyoto! Thank you so much for coming all the way here! I hope you’ll be happy forever!”

If you are interested in having a photo shoot with us, please contact us here anytime!

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We look forward to meeting more couples from all over the world!

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