We Went To Universal Studio Japan’s ‘Universal Cool Japan’ To See What All The Hype Is All About

‘Universal Cool Japan’ is USJ’s latest offering that was commenced in 23rd January this year. Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Attack on Titan, and Evangelion – the highest selling animes and games worldwide – gathered together to form one big new attraction in the theme park. Characters come to life in the form of giant sculptures, and scenes from the respective virtual worlds were recreated in the form of attractions.

In addition to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that opened in July last year, the new attractions that opened under Cool Japan were swarmed with people from all over the world, regardless of the day of the week. Express passes – premium passes that allow you to skip the queue and get to your ride faster – were sold out months before the event even started.



Evangelion The Real, in 4D

Enter Evangelion’s 3-dimensional world here! The visuals were so real; you can feel like you’re flying right next to the bio-machines! The action-packed show was simply thrilling and exciting. After the show, you can also purchase Evangelion’s food items if you couldn’t get enough of the action show.




Monster Hunter The Real

Fans of the series were swept away by the giant realistic monsters that they were so used to seeing in a tiny game console screen before. Zinogre – a monster in the anime – was brought to life as an impressive sculpture, and its signature roaring electrical discharge was also recreated and packed a lot of punch. Seregios also stood loftily at the entrance of Cool Japan, awing every park-goers that pass by it.



Attack on Titan The Real

Life-sized titans fight before your very eyes, a scene so realistic you could almost believe that you’ve been sucked into the anime’s world. Although we had not watched the series before, we had heard many good reviews about it and were intrigued. Turns out that this attraction was definitely worth a visit!

Merchandises of the anime’s Survey Corps were available for purchase, which explained why we saw cosplayers of the Survey Corps around the theme park. We would recommend taking a photo of being eaten by a titan as a remembrance though!




Resident Evil: The Escape

In this thrilling attraction, you have to get out of a building by solving puzzles and not getting attacked by zombies; just like the game itself! It was too bad we didn’t get a chance to try out this part of the attraction due to lack of time, but we’ll definitely be back again to experience this survival game!


The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

In order to enter this magical world, you have to get a ticket at the entrance of the attraction. You can also pick up a wand inside the area to keep as memorabilia.



Everyone from the young to the old can have fun in this fantasy real world that USJ has impressively created. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience while the attractions are still up!

Universal Cool Japan is open from 23rd January to 10th May.