Your Very Own Wedding

Marriage happens only once in a lifetime (in most cases, that is), and so there is only chance to get the wedding right. While there is no lack of wedding services and blogs (like this one) that offer help, there might still be some couples who are not quite sure what they want for their big day. Here are a few examples for your inspiration if you are in the midst of preparing for the occasion!


If you are marrying your childhood love, putting up old toys that you both played with together might add a fun and nostalgic touch to your celebration. Guests may also reminisce some of their past favorites!

Most weddings feature video slides that showcase the couples’ love journey (and some embarrassing photos), but it’s more personal and touching to read out a love letter to your significant otherin the presence of your beloved guests.


To make your wedding more personal and unique, consider showcasing your talents on this occassion! The stage is all set in a wedding for the groom who rock-and-rolls, and reception area could be turned into a gallery for the artistic bride.

By putting up photos of friends and families in the reception’s welcome board, guests can be made to feel more included in the celebration of the couple’s union.


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