Celebrate Your Love 
in Japan’s Beautiful 
Ever-Changing Seasons

Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Each season brings a new face to Japan’s breathtaking landscape. Kyoto. Osaka. Kobe. Each city has its own unique culture and flavor while being part of one Kansai region. At Overseas Wedding in Japan, we are pleased to bring to you one of the best experiences and services in Japan, so that you may leave behind many wonderful memories in Japan’s best locations.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose

Multilingual planners at your service

Multilingual planners at your service

At Overseas Wedding, there is no need to worry about language barrier.
Our friendly multilingual planners (mainly English and Mandarin)
will be around to get you through everything with ease. If you are coming
with friends and family, our planners will see to their needs as well!

Authentic Japanese kimono
made by experienced craftsmen

Originally a kimono boutique, we are seasoned experts in the industry
for 42 years and counting. We provide kimonos not only for Japanese
clients, but also for clients from abroad as we believe good things should
be shared. We go down personally to the craftsmen’s workshops
in Kyoto and handpick the best patterns and embroidery so that our
clients wear only nothing but the best.

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Authentic Japanese kimono made by experienced craftsmen
We are in close proximity to World Heritage Sites

We are in close proximity to
World Heritage Sites

We are based in Kyoto, which is home to one of the most number of World
Heritage Sites in the world, and also the world’s number one tourist destination.
Excite all of your 5 senses in Japan’s old capital with not just breathtaking
sceneries, but also traditional Japanese cuisine and desserts!

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the Japanese way of service

You can be assured of only the best service and hospitality that can
make you feel at home even in a foreign land. Our team of
professionals is dedicated to bringing to you only the best, be it
wedding dresses, venues, or photos, so that you can simply enjoy the
experience while we take care of the rest.

Omotenashi, the Japanese way of service
All the shopping, food and theme parks in Kansai region

All the shopping, food and theme parks
in Kansai region

Other than weddings and photos, Kansai also has a lot to offer during your stay here,so you can enjoy your honeymoon right after your wedding or photo shoot. Osaka is a great access point with Kansai International Airport at its shores, and the center of many transport networks which means you can also easily travel to other parts of Japan. It is also home to Universal Studios Japan so you will never tire of holidaying in Osaka!

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Real Couples’ Stories

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What we thought were great about
Overseas Wedding in Japan

・Being able to have our honeymoon in Kyoto, where we first met
・Our child was able to enjoy the wedding and photo shoot with us,
thanks to the fantastic support from all the staff.


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Cathy and Derek’s Thoughts

Kyoto is a city with the most number of World Heritage sites in the globe. It was selected by Travel + Leisure - USA’s leading travel magazine - as the world’s number one tourist destination, with its quaint traditional streets and beautiful changing seasons. St. Andrew’s Church, Kyoto, allows newlyweds to experience an authentic European wedding in a chapel hall graced by biblical stained glasses from 18th century England. Their team of professionals will be there to take care of your every need! Throughout our stay in Japan, the planners went above and beyond their duty helped us with things other than the wedding! With multilingual staff around, we didn’t need to worry about language barriers. Lastly, St. Andrew’s is in a very accessible part of Kyoto city, so we could go shopping immediately after the wedding!

Word from our planners

Cathy and Derek are both famous TV personalities in Taiwan, so there was no doubt that the couple would be gorgeous in their wedding costumes. They were actually already officially married a while back, so this is their wedding anniversary cum vow renewal. Despite knowing each other for years, they are still such a loving couple that not even Kyoto’s cold January winds could bring down their fiery passion for each other! The two were simply stunning from inside out, and St. Andrew’s dazzling stained glasses in the backdrop only added to their sparkle. Knowing their story - Cathy and Derek actually first met in Kyoto! - witnessing their vow renewal for each other made the whole ceremony even more beautiful and touching. We feel so honored to be part of this lovely fairytale wedding! All of us at St. Andrew’s Church wish Cathy and Derek a blissful marriage for many years to come.

wedding story 2

What we thought were great about
Overseas Wedding in Japan

・Bianca was pleasantly surprised by the proposal
・Our photos in kimonos turned out great and made for wonderful
memento for years to come


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Bianca and Andrew’s Thoughts

The best photography team and the friendliest staff ever - especially our interpreter and planner Vanessa. She accommodated all of my demands, and explained the photo shoot schedule very clearly to us. We were extremely lucky too as we were blessed with good weather on the day of the photo shoot (it was raining heavily the day before and after - of course we were ready to accept the challenge of shooting in the rain - which we believe would also be beautiful in its own way - but naturally good weather is always better!).

Although we were thankful to be blessed with good weather, the humidity level was skyhigh and we ended up perspiring so much throughout the shoot. The beauty team were very professional and helped touch us up every now and then to make sure we always looked our best. Also, because of work we could not manage to come in time for the sakura season, but it has always been Bianca’s dream to shoot with a sakura backdrop, and so the team scoured the area and found a single sakura tree that was still in bloom! Lastly, with the help of the team, we managed to pull off a proposal at the end of the shoot successfully! Bianca was pleasantly surprised, and the whole experience has become wonderful memories for us to look back on fondly.

Word from our planners

When Andrew told us he wanted to stage a proposal to Bianca right after the shoot, we knew this was going to be something special. We could hardly contain our excitement throughout the session as we bided our time till the proposal! When we arrived at the beautiful and green Ryokuchi Park, Andrew appeared with a bouquet and ring and got down on one knee in front of Bianca. Bianca was moved to tears and didn’t hesitate to say yes! It was just like a scene out of a romantic movie.

We wish this couple a marriage every bit as beautiful as their shoot!

wedding story 3

What we thought were great about
Overseas Wedding in Japan

・Great multi-lingual support for our non-Japanese-speaking guests
・Beautiful traditional Japanese wedding


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Annie and Neil’s Thoughts

From the first inquiry to the actual wedding day, both Vanessa and Vicky have been very helpful, sometimes even going beyond their duty. Every one of our guests was impressed with their excellent service. My husband is British, so he was worried at first if he could go through with the Japanese ceremony smoothly. But as we had so much great support in both English and Chinese on the day itself - with every single detail explained patiently to us - we were able to carry out the ceremony with no problems at all, leaving us with nothing but wonderful memories! Everyone on the photography and makeup team were very professional and helpful, and we were really happy with the wonderful service provided!

Word from our planners

Annie and Neil’s wedding was slightly different from all of the cases we have received so far, as the couple themselves were from different backgrounds. Annie, the gorgeous Shanghainese bride, corresponded with us the whole time and patiently co-operated with us on every detail. We first interacted with Neil, the dashing British groom, on the actual day and we just could not get over his awesome British accent! Though there was a huge cultural difference, the mixed-race couple were very co-operative and diligent in learning about Japanese culture. What was most surprising to us was that Neil was very eloquent in his Japanese speech during the ceremony!

All of the guests were from various different countries that the couple had met in different parts of the world, and were of course every bit as awesome as the couple themselves. The presence of the international guests had made the usually Japanese and homogeneous Kamigamo Shrine very diverse for one day!

We wish Annie and Neil a wonderful marriage for many years to come!

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We can tailor to your requests Feel free to discuss anything with us!

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